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the painted print

With a background in painting, monotyping was a natural for me. It is very immediate and direct which is a good fit for my gestural style of painting. Unlike other printing techniques, I only have to paint on the plate, put a piece of paper on it and run it through a press. There is very little technique, to get in the way of the creative process. One of the things I like about the monotype process is the unpredictability. What you put down on the plate, isn't exactly what you get on the print. Sometimes a print is created with one run through the press. Other times I run the print through with another plate or two of line and color. Other prints are created with the ghost image or the left over ink of one plate, as the base of a new print. I usually begin a print by laying down marks on the plate which serves as the armature for applications of color. I build with color after color, plate after plate, watching the print evolve. I try not to labor too much on a print, because it looses its immediacy. My work is best when, as Helen Frankenthaler said, Looks as if it was done all at once.